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COMIC FIESTA 2013 \(>w<)/ review!

 Hi lovely..
i guess this is time for me to review this event of the year.. tararatatata!~
*throw flower* kirakira..~


oh, le' ticket.. huehuehue

it was held at KLCC on 21-22 December 2013..


Comic Fiesta or CF for short, is Malaysia’s longest-running convention that focuses on animation, comics and games (ACG). Their focus is to celebrate all aspects of art and creativity (and the ever popular ACG culture). Comic Fiesta is usually held at December at various locations, with the previous event held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. Comic Fiesta 2013, to be held 21–22 December 2013 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre is expected to attract approximately 35,000 visitors.

Comic Fiesta (CF)'s is an event held with the motto of "event by fans for fans", and is also currently the first and the biggest non-profit ACG convention in Malaysia, organized by a group of volunteers to bring the comic convention experience to the Malaysian audience. [curik from wikipedia..huehuehue]

lets see.. basically.. day one ish.. day to wasting my ticket..
i just go in to get out.. mainly my time are used to lepaking outside..
damn crowded inside..gahh..~ =A=).. and no many picca cause me too blur and lazy to take picca..

others take a lot of my picca..but not in my camera~ huehuehue..

my cosplan for first day of CF.. Marisa Kirisame from
 touhou project

random IRONMAN! huehuehue..
Miku and mehh~ nyuuu~
nyuuu.... me and VIAN!~ or vivi~ kawaii nee vivi?~
Sophia and meh~ >w<). naisu.. at last we meet juga~
my NII-san~ cosplaying as AYA.. from touhou project~
random citizen and meh~ crossplay.. nyuuuu~

Marisa and Reimu... huehue~ >w<).
gahh.. berry hot in that cossu tau?

okay... lets move on second day...huehuehue..
for the second day... this is my cosplan~ huhuhuh~

Kagamine Rin [senbonzakura vers.]
i managed to find more of my friends today..
shiawase neee~ huehuehue~
lets proceed with picca spam!~
picca spamming after lunch at KFC..
we are le' model of KFC.. taktau ke? huehuehue

new kfc mascot~


beg tuh kaco laaa~ =A=

doll wannabe ka?

fem!hijab!naruto and rin~

kufukufu.. wardah dipaksa memakai bonnet~huhuhuh

saya happy lohohohoh~

LOKI! sho tall~ hueeeeee... >A<

miku ish penat..~

miku sandplay and rin senbonzakura~


Photoshoot outside.. while waiting for
ada-chii~ huehuehue~


NYUUUUuuuuuuu~ lets see what have i brought on second day~

Rin plushie~ lotsa button.. huehuehue~
SnK, Vocaloid, Utapiri, and touhou 

also a katana~ huehuehue
for karakuri burst cossu..
yup.. its a katana from bleach.. but mehh.. do i look like i care?


(copy paste from my FB.. [too lazy to type it..nyuuu~])

this is what happen to me today at KL sentral.. i was waiting for ada and im just standing in front of the coin locker while staring at le' air.. then, there are a group of girls just step out from the lif, and one of them said "ape tu?" and me still not moving[blur petang2 bute].. they walk away and then they come toward me back. ada call me and im snapped out from my 'menungan' and they kinda shock.. they said "eh, bergerak lah." "orang la"

they tot im a doll.. =A=)..ahhhh.. doll pun doll laa~

okay.. thats all... seriously i dun have lotsa picca..
next year maybe?
mehh... i'll buy a new camera next year.. I WILL!
thanks for reading.. *hugs*
thanks for accompany me for both day, wardahchii, adachii, and adachii's friends..[saki,kathy,kiera] .. *hugs*huehuehue...

still waiting for other picca~nyuuuuu~



Ada-chin YaoiLoverz said... To Reply Click Here~

Yohohoho met meh Ada-chin the new mascot of KFC! *kena piak* XD
*kick all those bags away* You-tachi ruin my photo with Atuk KepCi huweeee QAQ

Hey, at least you still have pictures meh. Me ish nothing. OTL

Sammy Winchester said... To Reply Click Here~

@Ada-chin YaoiLoverz uweehhhh... really ada?


Wardah Mohd Rashid said... To Reply Click Here~

WAAAAAAAAAA! i hate that bonnet!! T_T

Sammy Winchester said... To Reply Click Here~

@Wardah Mohd Rashid *patpat* huehuehue... but kawaii maaaa...~ >w<).

Therapii said... To Reply Click Here~

Waaai a fellow cosplayers >w<

Sammy Winchester said... To Reply Click Here~

@Therapii huloo!~ *waves*

Alice Chooi Yuet Yee said... To Reply Click Here~

Nice blog! Lucky you, you got a pic with Loki!! ♥w♥ ♫ Nice to meet you too ♣

Sammy Winchester said... To Reply Click Here~

@Alice Chooi Yuet Yee nyuuuu~ ahahahan~! xDD

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