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Bunkasai 文化祭 2014


ohohohoh... im a weeeee bit lazy to update my bloggie..
gomenasai bloggie chan!~ QuQ).. sobs...

in was on last Saturday, March 1, 2014
from 11:00am until 6:00pm

~that was organised by UNMC Japanese Society and University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus : Anime and Manga Society

This event is open to the public.

A few things there, such as
- Japanese cultural materials and games
- Hanafuda Tournament
- Doujin booths
- Haunted house
- Maid & Butler Cafe
- Japanese food stalls
- Yukata photography
- Cosplay events

p/s= i only go to the Doujin booths, Maid & Butler Cafe , Japanese food stalls and of course Cosplay events ....huehuehuehue....

lets get start!~
first, im cosplaying as Hatsune Miku (senbonzakura vers.)
hueheuheu... dun ask vhy my cossu ish uncompleted.. orz..

My assistant AKA manager for that day ish Qilaaaa!~ *clapclap*
thanks for your lovely help my dear!~ *hugs*

selfie/selca/camwhore.. huehuehue~

was covering my 'jerawat'...
damn you 'jerawat'! *ugly sobs*

at le' changing room... outside ish damn hot and we 
dont know vat to do..
just 'lepaking'...hueheuhuhueheue 

telly model.. hueheuheu~ *rolls*

oh~! first person we met on that day..
turns out he crossplaying as miku.. nyuuuu...

nyuuuuu.... cute bunny!~ fluffy~!

oh, the skit performance..! i really enjoyed it..!
its fuunny!~

at maid cafe.. waiting for the cakes~ OuO)...
but a bit sad... coz at the time we entered, there ish no maid/butler
show us where to seat.. ahahahan~ QuQ).. we kinda picked the place by ourself..
and wait many few minutes to be serve by the maid.. sobs..

but no worries... we can camwhore..while waiting.. huehuehue...

sad miku ish sad...

uhhhh... my cakey!~ the aisu kurim ish already 'cair'...

i wanna eeat.. but there ish no fork or spoon or knife or spatula..
*ish sarcasm*
and we forgot le' coupon.. orz..
but, as a sorry token, the maid herself escort us to buy the coupon..
thanks my lovely maido.. >w<).. 
seriously, we don't mad anymore.. 

with Ryan.. hueheuheuheu.. kakashiii~

 double miku and len!~

QuQ).. uhh... i dun know what ish her character is.. QuQ)..

japanese food stalls!

Qilaa brushing our wiggu!~ Arigatou!

airi chan!~

airi chan and me.. nyuuuu~ OuO

selfie in elevator~

huehuehuehuheu~ *guling~*

ichigo [bleach]


with my nii san~!

mai chii and mehhh...~
yui [k-on!]

with Zen.. as Gin from Bleach.. >w<).

with senpai-s nyuuuuu

final picca!~ hueheuheuheu~

okay thats all from me... nothing to add..
i think soooo..

sooo, see ya in next event!~ Animax Carnival 2014~! this 29/30 March 2014///



Anonymous said... To Reply Click Here~

Konbanwa Ms Chaos,

Love the photos from Bunkasai and great cosplay! Would like to link this post on my upcoming blog post on this year's UNMC Bunkasai, is that alright with you?

Hope to hear from you soon (>vO)

Sammy Winchester said... To Reply Click Here~

@kaichousama konbanwa!~ >w<).. ahh.. thanks for the compliment.. *bow* may link this post on your upcoming blog post.. i dun mind.. ahahahan xDD

Thanks!~ *bow again*

Anonymous said... To Reply Click Here~

no, thank YOU for the permission ^o^

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