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Last Class and MUET~ TT^TT

last Friday day~ (last Friday night parody)

Last Friday day
Yeah we playing on class
And we made too many note
Think we skipped but I forgot

Last Friday day
Yeah we cut our good sleep
And got kicked out of the class
So we hit the many test

Last Friday day
We finished up our note
Plus with the past year paper
Then had a final class

Last Friday day
Yeah I think we broke our mind
Always say we're gonna stop-op

This Friday day
Do it all again
This Friday day
Do it all again

credit to---> (sammy winchester)

yeah, this song is for us.. stay up everyday doin' the note past years paper, test, assignment etc. keep strong i know you guys are tough!. go! Ganbaru!

soo, last last friday is the last day for sem 1 classes.. TT^TT <-- sad

i managed to take a bunch of pic with our beloved SIR CHOY TUCK ONN!~

weeeee...... (^^)/

awat sedey ngat billa oyt~ 

Rapid yang sesak~

kepadatannya.. puhh~

smile you oulls~
gigi SIR CHOY.. tomei~ 
haha.. golak skit~
never ending photo shoot ~ 
muke ngantuk aku~ --____--
julita and sir choy! 

peace u aouss~ 

smile ^^ 
haa.. yang nih SIR bagi time exam.. 
sampai laa nih aku tak makan lagi. sayang kot~ 

ok, tu untuk last day class.. yang bawah nih untuk program MUET~ program nih best.. banyak info yang aku boley kutip *lol, macam kutip daun kau ingat?*

smile billa~ smile~~~ 

saya ngantuk.. sekian trimas~ 
ma and me~ hahaha.. hewhewhewhew~ 
contengan ajaib~ nak tau cite? 

ok, pasai contengan miracle tuh.. aku diarah untuk bagi 3 jenis haiwan yang terlintas lam pala hotak~ so, yang keluar kucing, tiger, and LION~ and madam tuh suruh bagi ciri haiwan tuh~ so, for kucing, i bubuh cute.. for tiger, i bubuh garang *lol*.. for lion i bubuh brave..~

the answer..

first animal is what i think about my self..
cat: i think im cute *LOL again plus ROFL*

second animal is what i want other think about me..
tiger: i want you guys think im FIERCE! *double LOL!*

third animal is what i really am..
lion: the truth is, i am brave~

thats all from meh~ thanks for reading, scrolling, jumping, laughing, singing..and many more.. hopes you guys enjoy! wee~with love!



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